Argentina: A creative advertising country

By | Diciembre 27th, 2012|

Description of Argentina Argentina is the second largest country in South America behind Brazil, and the third economy of all Latin American nations reaching a GDP (ppp) per capita of almost 15,000 dollars (Index Mundi, 2011). The country covers a territory of almost 2.8 million square meters from a sub-tropical climate by the north to the [...]

Ethnographic Research Method for Business Applications

By | Agosto 30th, 2012|

Introduction The present study wants to reveal what is the qualitative Ethnographic Research (ER) method about, what is their scope, under what circumstances is advantageous to use, the limitations and some recommendations to have the best understanding. The inspiration starts with the successful experience of Hyundai and the use of their own ER method called “Touch [...]

Voice of Customers: Lessons from Hyundai and MarketSoft

By | Julio 1st, 2012|

The Hyundai example shows us an innovative way to restructure a product like their 2007 Santa Fe model. This ethnographic method permitted gain a better understanding of the target customers, watching, listening, asking questions and letting customers speak freely with the researches about their lives (Kluter & Mottran, 2007). One lesson that we have to consider [...]

Shifting the basis of competition: The DoCoMo opportunity

By | Junio 25th, 2012|

The company DoCoMo built their strategy for its “i-mode” service around some competitive advantages related with the exclusiveness and restricted access of their for-subscribers content. One main difference form other mobile carriers was that this content was provided by third party partners.   Another brilliant decision was to use young people as initial target customers, because [...]

Realidad Social en Chile 2011

By | Mayo 4th, 2012|

A continuación está una interesante presentación del sociólogo de la Universidad de Chile Alberto Mayol (amayol@uchile.cl) realizada en el marco del Encuentro Nacional de Empresarios - ENADE 2011 (http://www.icare.cl/eventos/enade/enade). En ella se buscan hipótesis y explicaciones a la efervescencia social generadas en Chile durante el año 2011 y como pueden impactar el escenario político futuro. Aquí [...]

Doing Business in Brazil: The Walmart and Lenovo cases

By | Abril 30th, 2012|

Brief Story of Brazil Brazil is the 5th largest economy in the world, and by coincidence is also the 5th country by population and area, with an estimate population of 200 million people toward the year 2007. In his history has been an important source of raw materials and natural resources like coffee, sugar, soy beans, [...]

Make Your Company a Talent Factory – Harvard Business Review

By | Abril 22nd, 2012|

Here is a great work written by Douglas Ready and Jay Congar that can bring us light in how to develop talent , as they say: “Stop losing out on lucrative business opportunities because you don´t have the talent to develop them”.   Despite all that is known about the importance of developing talent, and despite [...]

Doing Business in India, the ABB cultural adaptation case

By | Abril 21st, 2012|

Brief Story of India India is the second most populous country in the world, with an estimate population approaching 1.200 million. Has a literacy rate of 65 percent with a great degree or regional variation. Almost 30 percent live in urban areas, with more than 35 cities reaching 1 million people. As a country, India covers [...]

Organization behavior: depends on the culture?

By | Abril 19th, 2012|

When we try to figure what is going to happen in the next years in the labor market, it is difficult to imagine that everything will be the same. Globalization, cross-culture interactions and influences, people´s aging, fast technological changes, and a large list of new scenarios and conditions will stress companies and employees. These conditions will [...]

Global climate change: Equal for every one?

By | Abril 4th, 2012|

In these days the world´s global warming is one of the biggest concerns of humanity. In the past there were controversy about the causes and if it was an irreversible and cyclic process where the human activity didn´t have something to say. In the year 2007 a scientific report issued by the United Nation concluded that [...]