Argentina: A creative advertising country

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Description of Argentina Argentina is the second largest country in South America behind Brazil, and the third economy of all Latin American nations reaching a [...]

The Toyota Accident: The Importance of a Good Corporate Image

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When we think in a company´s corporate image we can assimilate this concept to persons or human beings, which have a personality, a way of [...]

Transbank: Pay everything with “Redcompra” Marketing Campaign could work in South Africa?

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The Chilean Marketing Communication Campaign The Chilean company Transbank was thinking in a subprime post-crisis campaign for their debit card service Redcompra (something like “purchase [...]

DirecTV: Prepaid television for all?

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Introduction During the year 2008 the satellite pay-tv company DirecTV (DTV) developed an interesting marketing campaign in Chile, focusing on a specific strategy for the [...]

Why Wal-Mart uses different brands?

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Intercultural Communication In today’s changing and demanding world, companies or maybe we have to say transnational companies are trying to wonder if it is possible [...]

Master Dog “Dog Lover” marketing campaign in UK

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Introduction The present report is to analyze a marketing communication campaign that has been developed in the country of Chile and the needs to adapt [...]

India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011

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Introduction We are pleased to present the 2011 edition of PwC’s India Entertainment and Media Outlook. The information in this publication reflects the collective wisdom [...]

Marketing Communications strategy in a global basis: The McDonald´s example

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One of the major challenges for companies in these days is the development and implementation of their marketing communications strategy in a global basis. Companies [...]

Ethnographic Research Method for Business Applications

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Introduction The present study wants to reveal what is the qualitative Ethnographic Research (ER) method about, what is their scope, under what circumstances is advantageous [...]

Marketing at McDonald’s

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McDonald’s is one of the best known brands worldwide. This case study shows how McDonald’s aims to continually build its brand by listening to its [...]

Marketing Planning in the Social Network era

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En el ámbito del Seminario Internacional de Redes Sociales organizado por el área de Educación Ejecutiva de Ingeniería Industrial de la Universidad de Chile el [...]

Voice of Customers: Lessons from Hyundai and MarketSoft

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The Hyundai example shows us an innovative way to restructure a product like their 2007 Santa Fe model. This ethnographic method permitted gain a better [...]

Shifting the basis of competition: The DoCoMo opportunity

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The company DoCoMo built their strategy for its “i-mode” service around some competitive advantages related with the exclusiveness and restricted access of their for-subscribers content. [...]